Spring Has Sprung, Fall Has Fell, etc. ~ September 22, 2004

As the old rhyme goes “Spring has sprung, Fall has fell.” Those on the northern side of the world might be saying, “Spring?” Yep, it’s a fact. It’s now officially spring in Rio, Capetown, Wellington and Gundagai. While those in every country “down under” might be in spring cleaning mode, up above we’re dusting off the atmospheric debris kicked up by the autumnal harvests. For those muttering, “Yeah, whatever, I’m too busy with Jupiter detailing the last degrees of mundane, work-duty-driven Virgo to even think about cleaning,” it’s not a bad idea to polish things up a bit. Of course, at this point, insert a healthy Virgo interrogative: “Why?”

Glad you asked. Over the next several days, the Sun, Mars and Jupiter (Sun’s there now) enter Libra. In so doing, they’ll cross over the huge black hole network in the early part of the scales and encounter the center of the Super-Galaxy. Without dwelling on the astronomically vast detailed picture of “how big and important is this,” suffice it to say: huge.

Relational themes now return. It might be trite to say, “love is in the air,” but what it takes to build a serious, solid relationship, bonded at the core of being becomes the priority. It’s kind of a soul mate thing. But let’s not get carried away with that. I was told by a psychic when I was quite young, you never incarnate at the same time as your soul mate. That takes some pressure off the “one and only” syndrome.

So here’s the deal: if you’re in a relationship, improve it by finding your soul mate. If you’re not in a relationship, draw one near by finding your soul mate. According to this prescription, still relying upon the last bit of impeccable Virgoan literal associations, one must mate with their own soul to be a suitable partner for another. If so, then the planetary passages over the Libran black holes goes well. If not, emotional demands projected upon the other person seldom come about to be fulfilled.

The process is not that hard. Simply, look at everything in your life. Start saying “no” to things that do not support, feed, revere, nurture and respect the core of your being. Sometimes it’s hard. This could mean saying “no thanks,” to a high paying, but abusive job scenario. However, as the culling proceeds, your spirit lightens. With a lighter spirit and more fulfillment from life at large, the approach to one’s partner - or anyone in any kind of one-to-one relationship - becomes less demanding and receptive to receiving.

A key element of the Libran process stems from learning to receive the results of one’s affirmations. When something appears that fully aligns with your heart’s desire, remember to stop affirming long enough to say “thanks,” to the black hole army supporting your cause and defending your honor, and to take a step closer to initiate the first hug.

Cleanse (or clean), clear the debris field, polish your space for opening, extend your boundaries clearly and enjoy the huge changes of planetary seasons.

Since some e-mail recipients cannot receive longer e-mails, I’ll keep this GT shorter and see how the response fares. Regardless, more to come as the new season settles on the scales.