Soothing Visions, Hard Work ~ May 20, 2004

This past Monday (May 17th) the two objects in the solar system with the roundest orbits both took on the relative backward motion less than fondly known as retrograding. Venus and Neptune, the two least eccentric planets in the solar system, initiated the natural process of introspection and internal reclamation of all they represent. That sounds good.

Better yet, these two bodies hold the reputation of being octaves of one another. Venus makes claims on the needs and desires of the physical, material world. Neptune aspires to stake the same claims in the etheric, spiritual dimensions. Wow, if these two could get it perfectly together. Both are in concept-rich air signs and four days after the now notorious Venus transit, they form an angle of inspiration to one another (June 12th). Perhaps they octivate one another then. This sounds good, too.

Just to take part of the chill out of the air regarding the upcoming Venus alignment, I must reiterate a few, fine points. This pattern does not imply doom, disasters and the other likes of ill-founded prediction that has been redirected my way. While the Mayan calendar does maintain a Venus cycle reference, this is not the End of the World, nor is the alignment in 2012. Scaring people hardly seems to reflect the refined, socially conscious nature of Venus.

The potential for every person to become more receptive to the creative signals beamed from the Heavens at all times strengthens. Should a person chose to lock into these frequencies, heaps of inspiration lie ahead. Collectively, social issues gain prominent focus. Take a look around. The images are everywhere. Even the ugly images we must now endure in the news, have a point of repair, reconstruction and realignment to render. You think this stuff is not working? Venus refers to money; Neptune rules oil and the subsequently produced petroleum products. With all the e-mails circulating about not buying gas (or petrol) on specific days, perhaps we should predict the end of the world with the lacking of motion of people on Earth on those days. Can octives override octane?

Back to basics: Venus insists upon defining personal priorities regarding material concerns and relational matters. What it takes for you to be fulfilled in love and money requires attention, focus and reaffirmation - regardless of how little or how much. Under this lies one’s personal sense of worthiness, often linked to economic gain. Here, though, the Venus essence seeks to refine one’s value based upon the aspects of applied creativity, whether sanctioned in the world or not. Neptune seeks the greatest life fantasies. Statements like: “in a perfect world,” “I have always wanted to,” “my dream is,” “my soul mate would be...,” and other such stuff defines such wispy aspirations. Underscoring this is fulfillment of one’s spiritual destiny. This can be achieved by fully utilizing all talent, gifts and personal attributes bestowed upon a person by the Creator at the time of birth or Creation.

Should a person decide to use the natural involutionary motion of these planets in their current status, perhaps an evolutionary movement of the spirit inscribed upon the real world follows. Sounds good? Does this concept come with an instruction manual? Sure does.

Next week, Tuesday to be precise, Mars and Saturn appear in the same place in the Zodiac. What’s this like? Imagine driving off road while chasing a rainbow following a late spring (or autumn for those south of the Equator) thunderstorm. Should the Earth be muddied and you get stuck, Mars immediately pops out of your gas eating SUV, rolls up his sleeves and yells at Saturn for help. Saturn gets out to help Mars push, but not without grumbling, but he is dutiful. Saturn is no fool, nor is he lazy. But he does hate wasted effort. He will look around for things to levitate the stuck vehicle as to rely not only upon brute force. “Work smart,” he grumbles. No need to flex your muscles unnecessarily, unless those muscles are for show alone. In which case, feel free to sweat away and ripple in the sunlight, hoping to reflect photons from nearby rainbows upon the epidermis.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, visions and inspirations shower the heavens with arcs looking a lot like rainbows. When pursued, inspirations can get bogged down as they tenter the density of the mundane realm. Even your reliable printing service might be slightly off color in your favorite, critically essential hue of indigo. The essence of getting inspiration started is several fold. First, receive the inspiration fully by invoking total and complete receptivity to cosmic inspiration. Second, get it down and documented. Download all of it and put it somewhere where it can be easily retained. Third, make a multi pronged, option-oriented plan of action. Remember Saturn’s dictum: Work Smart. Now roll up your sleeves and focus upon your inspiration. Energize it. Activate it. Octivate it. Talk about with burning inner passion. Now there’s a plan. It’s all good.

And here’s a final thought. If each person applied herself/himself in such manners, no sense of ever being shorted by life or the Universe needs result. Enough creativity, ideas and inspiration exist in each human to last a lifetime (or three), so I am told by my Saturn sources. Only a lack of disciplined effort mars the process, which tries to be the gift of each person stopping to reflect in these well-rounded, involutionary times.