Soothing Inspiration ~ February 3, 2004

In the past twenty-four hours, Mars inched out of one of the signs it rules - Aries. Now, the planet under high levels of human scrutiny, progresses through Taurus. While this influence can certainly feel more calm, the truly important element is that of remaining grounded, connected and involved. During the rush of life, busy schedules and furious discussions of the Super Bowl’s halftime show, some disconnection to life’s spiritual substrate can occur.

Mars in Taurus may receive the inappropriate label as slow to respond, or even unmotivated. That’s not the point. The point is the need to feel as if the ground beneath the feet is not quicksand, but unshakeable bedrock. Oddly, the parallel urge is to feel those forces in life that rock your world. These forces include the sense of inner talent and creativity, the sensual love of the partner, and an inspired sense of directed purpose. As these that combine, a greater certainty of forward motion and progressive direction soothes the spirit.

Since the creative surges in life often induce feelings of inspiration, hopefulness and a soulful agenda, wouldn’t it be nice if such support currently existed? It does. Highly sensitive, emotionally hungry, Venus in Pisces, scans the skies for the greatest and loftiest nuggets of hope and inspiration available in the entire galaxy. Good thing that over the next few days, she makes one of those tense, highly motivated ninety degree angles to the core of our galaxy and the fantastic black hole, Sgr A.

Should you be scratching your head right about now, try the Venus in Pisces thing. Feel your way through it. No need to think about the words. Notice what feelings flood your being. Sure, those emotions can be inconvenient when you’re busy with this and that. These are like blood to sensitive, creative persons. Observe what ideas come your way. The odds are inspiration comes freely to those who simply sit back and allow Universal Wonder to enter their cranium. Nothing needs to be set up, other than the pure receptivity to the knowing of the galactic structure.

The problem is: these ideas tend to lead the cognitive ability of the collective by six to nine months. Should you reveal your inspiration at the time of reception, others certainly scratch their heads. This can feel like the proverbial casting of pearls before swine. Actually, it’s all about timing. Simply, your inspirations need the gestation interval of six to nine months. Take your time and polish your pearls. Approach no swine before its time.

To receive support for your newly found inspirations, go back to what soothes you in life. Find the warmth of your base of emotional support. Start within. Go deep inside yourself to find the richness of your natural resources. In fact, every horoscope applied to every person on Earth possesses its unique talents. Receptivity to the fantastic flow of the Galactic Center pipeline right now brings these resources front and center demanding methodical, secure Mars in Taurus application. Hesitation is not part of this plan. Receiving insight, developing it, and then applying it works the miracles.

Realize that soon after Venus finishes its juicy jaunt to the Galactic Center, it promptly enters Aries (February 9th). Part of the doctrine of the Galactic Center is like operating a computer. Delete old files that are in the way and no longer apply. Clean the disk and then compact the hard drive. In life too, shed the old emotional files and applications to ease the steps in this new time. Since Venus offers our need and desire agendas, clear what no longer works and get on with the good stuff. That, as much as anything, soothes those powerful moments of inspiration.

Should you not be sure how to encounter this information, go outside shortly after sunset. Gaze at the brilliance of Venus as she sets. Realize that as you face west, Mars is close to overhead, Saturn is backing you, and soon (if not already) Jupiter will rise. If that’s not like connecting planetary pearls, nothing is. Go whole hog and feed on the planetary exhibition. Can you feel it?