Restoring Resolve ~ June 28, 2004

Tomorrow, the lovely Venus changes course again returning to her more natural, prograde motion. As you’ve probably seen and read somewhere online, she’s just completed the first of two reasonably temporally close direct alignments with the Sun. The next occurs in June 2012. To accomplish this feat, she must move backward from Earth’s point of view. Enough review; what’s next?

It will take Venus a little time to retrace her steps to the powerful point where she began retrograde motion. On August 2nd, she clears what is known as the shadow zone; the return to the position held at the commencement of retrogradation. And again, she will stand opposite the Galactic Center, recovering insights seeded back in mid-May when she began this cycle of motion.

Between now and the 2nd of August we all stand to reclaim, recover and remember ideas, images, desires, needs and destiny-driven agendas in life. Anything lost, encroached upon or dropped through the cracks needs attention and recovery. Sounds easy. Is it?

Well now, that depends. To reclaim the agenda of fulfillment in life derived from monetary reward, relational enrichment and spiritual dharma, one must strengthen resolve. A very cool trinity of celestial movements assists this Venus recovery period with yet another example of Universal Tidiness.

Over the next day or so, as Venus turns smartly in her revolution, Mercury stands opposite the highly anomalistic black hole-star system, SS433. This point (20 Capricorn 14) is known as the “bastard star,” because of an utterance made by one of two Australian astronomers at the presumed discovery. So unique is this point, that it has several astronomical treatises dedicated entirely to it.

SS433, when viewed astronomically, displays a unique pattern of alternating red shift and blue shift. Resift occurs when something retreats causing light waves to seemingly stretch out; blue shift results from the Doppler effect of light being compressed by an approaching object. Simply, this point alternates between coming and going on a short term period of 13.1 days. For just over six and a half days it’s a retreat mode. Then, for almost a week, it’s full speed ahead. This does not imply inconsistency, nor bipolar schisms in energy. This implies observing the natural tidal forces within one’s nature. Obviously, those connected with this point feel this more strongly, however, now everyone is in the pool sharing these cosmic tides.

The Mercury influence observes the need to make all communications consistent. In fact, if a bit of relentlessness is necessary, so be it. This notation also observes that every other week take some time off from the onslaught of communicative output - that would be listening.

On July 12th the Sun takes a stand opposite SS433 (which it does every year, roughly at this time). This extremely potent passage observes the need to recall any and all scattered life force. If one’s pearls of energy have been feeding locations non-responsive to illumination, no sense lingering. The time suggests the benefits of a retreat for restoring composure and energy. One cannot successfully restore resolve if fatigued, depleted or feeling undervalued.

Last but not least and totally coincidentally, within 24 hours of Venus clearing her shadow and holding receptive mirrors to the messages of the Galactic Center, master craftsperson and disciplined worker bee, Saturn, takes his turn opposite SS433. Conservation of energy is one thing. Recalling energy to recharge one’s batteries is another. Saturn is quick to point out now, all that resource that has returned, now must be turned out to task. As August begins, expect to pay the piper for your dreams and visions. While you’ve been affirming and asserting that you want the goodies of life the lovely Venus promises, Saturn ensures that the dedication to dharma, consciousness to remaining conscious (attention and intention) and meticulousness within one’s master plan promises a harvest to come beyond any seen in recent years.

Will you be ready? As people so often glibly remark, “forewarned is forearmed.” Better yet, compliance with the planetary tides works to create even more favor. Alerted, attention can be directed to reclaiming all that is needed to secure the efforts seeded a while ago.

May the Universal Tide-y-ness be with you.