Pluto’s Play Pal ~ February 24, 2004

A week ago, astronomers observed a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), 2004 DW. This body, in the vicinity of Pluto, seems to be the largest object in the distant collection of icy objects also known as Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNO’s). Based upon its magnitude, it appears to be about 10% larger than the previously most massive body, Quaoar. It’s orbital period is some 248.01 years with a node of 28 Sagittarius 32 and a preliminary perihelion of 11 Pisces 52 (both of those points heliocentric). The preceding numbers, except the north node are again preliminary and likely to change. On the 25th of February this body retrogrades through 24 Leo 40, backing to 24 Leo 36 on March first.

Even more interesting about this body is that post analysis indicates that it was clearly photographed on November 8, 1951 and November 23, 1954. Like Hermes a few months, we seem to be recovering lost objects in our solar system.

For those of you with either doomsday concerns or creatively speculative natures in the not so optimistic direction, stay cool. We know a few things for certain. This body has an orbit very similar to Pluto’s. Yes, it is reasonably large. But to project that it portends Planet X-like disaster would be askew. Pluto would have more of a physically threatening nature than this body by far. For those wondering, 2004 DW is slated for its closest contact with the Sun in the year 2113. A few of you have e-mailed to ask if this is Trans-Pluto. In a word: No.

Astronomical naming protocol dictates that objects orbiting similar to Pluto, Plutinos (a 3:2 orbit resonance with Neptune, 3 Neptune orbits = 2 other body orbits), take names of underworld deities. Semantics imply that Trans-Pluto would be “beyond” Pluto. Such objects are the Cubewanos and will assume the names of either creation or resurrection deities. Given the orbital parameters, it may take some time to establish confidence in the orbit, which leads the way to minor planet number, thus allowing the body to receive a namesake.

The good news is that the secure position of the node aligns with the Galactic Center. At a transformation crossroads? No problem. Tune into the progressive information of the Galactic Center and apply brilliant innovation to your life. Others may not understand your reasoning at the moment, however, that hardly seems the point. Why? Well, right now in Leo, 2004 DW backs away from its node in a lovely trine. It will remain in orb until it resumes direct motion near the beginning of May. So? Use Leo to the good. Find what feeds your soul. Lock onto to that as if it is your personal lodestar - after all, it is. Then, find the way. Line up to the greatest source of information in our measly galaxy (no offense intended, but in the Universal Scheme, our system is not all that interesting). Then, strategically apply that sited direction so that the bearings noted on the cosmic sextant can be properly navigated. Like the misplaced solar system objects, relocate yourself, then assume a good direction.

Should that not be enough of a Leo surge for you, another astronomical headline from last week surfaces another image. A black hole, RX J1242-11, was observed ripping a star that ventured too close into shreds. This body sits on its celestial throne at 14 Leo 17 at the moment. While some tough speculations could be rendered here, let’s keep this one simple and upbeat. A star, such as how we perceive our own, can represent the ego. The depth of a black hole can symbolize the capitulation to the essence of one’s soul. This in theory can be an easy glide in, once its inevitability is realized; or it can be a shredding process. Take your pick. Something like let your soul devour your ego, in a good way or the other way.

Over the next couple of days, Mars squares this black hole from Taurus. That should be a good nudge. Consider one more thing. To land the Opportunity space probe in a womb-like crater on Mars, this “probe” had to be shielded by a clamshell shaped protective device. Venus, if we might recall her mythological roots, surfaced on a clam shell from seas just off the coast of Cytherea. Perhaps part of feeding the Leo core above contains two psychically protective elements: Assess inner worth, creativity and dharma. Determine the nonnegotiable needs that feed the spirit. Receive the full-fledged results of your soul-full rendering.

And by next week, who knows what new dimensions will have been revealed?