Picture Perfect ~ September 14, 2004

The present moment is the time I wrote about a few weeks ago. While the Moon and three planets in Virgo dredge the Earth for occurrences that represent the personification of perfection, the lofty and philosophical Jupiter rolls his eyes from his precisely angled Virgo stance to the Center of the Galaxy. He’s quite amused actually. All those mentally challenging details, thought stimulating facts and still no one knows where the dang hurricane’s going to go. That’s just one example. If you want another, try figuring out the US baseball leagues’ Wild Card scenario.

During this whole push, we recently endured a potent angular collision between power-oriented Pluto and impulse-directed Mars. This explosive aspect caused volatile situations to go off with nary a spark. If you don’t believe me, ask North Korea what all those explosions over there were. The point of this for people has been to assure no power struggles, manipulations, nor ego conflicts in seeking what you want in life. Caving to the demands of another’s urges probably is not the best scenario either.

Now, Jupiter up there directs the upcoming planetary traffic in the ecliptic to consider the consciousness superhighway paved by attending to Galactic Center insights. Starting later today, the Moon, Sun, Mars and Mercury all pass through the same point by the time the month concludes. Jupiter thinks the other planets would benefit from expanding their scope instead of narrowing the vision through an effort to attain finite attunement. “Good luck,” he offers in the tone of a condolence.

Last Sunday I watched the season finale of the HBO show, “Six Feet Under.” This show is not for the feint of heart. It’s dark, dealing with depression, psychological ineptitude to the max and somewhat scary parts of the psyche. But anyway, in the end of the show one of the male characters speaks to the incarnate apparition of his deceased father. In a conversation of whining being a short circuit to nowhere in face of infinite possibilities (and inspiration as offered by our good Galactic Core) the son complains that life cannot be that simple. And the spirit father comes back with a perfect Virgo comment: “But what if it is?”

Yeah, what if it is simple? That’ll upset a bucketful of bad ideas.

Sure, sure, and where can the new found optimism be derived? Try sniffing the change of seasons but one week away. A balance of light and dark, night and day, yin and yang await our reaction in seven days. As the season shifts, the planetary picture perfectly promotes the idea of putting soulful will and fervent, raw, pure energy into the concepts at hand. Sometimes, it’s suggested, details resolve upon a display of the intent to act in accord with personal will, especially if aligned with galactic, Godly will.

With the acts of God across the planet (the US is not the only place pummeled by intense storms and earthquakes), manipulative fear mongering at an all time maximum and basic needs seemingly compromised by economic controls and agendas, it might be hard to regain optimism. Take a breath. Find your personal yoga - whatever that means. Yoga can be yoga, a walk, hitting baseballs, exercise, a vigorous swim, a soak in a body of water, and remarkably it is reported by many evolved souls, it can be golf, too. The point is: too much thought makes the body unstable. A lack of synchronization between body and mind (and soul) can make a person feel out of sorts, even in picture perfect, idyllic circumstances. Perhaps the path of ease directly connects to the path of growth. Instead of “no pain, no gain,” Jupiter offers, “In the flow, you grow.” What do you reckon?

I suggested this in line yesterday at one of my local health food stores. A person of indeterminable gender suggested I go fly a kite. So I went to the toy store, too and bought a kite as well as a math tutoring game for my young nephews (the oldest of the three is 18 months, but you can never plan ahead too early for education, especially with a calculus program). The program box was adorned with intriguing math symbols. I painted one upon the kite before flying it. Like everyone else, I do not seem to be immune from grumpy times on occasion. But at least I found a way to remain in a “pi in the sky” demeanor.