Opportunity’s On Mars ~ January 27, 2004

Last Saturday, January 24th, the Opportunity space probe joined Spirit in confirming the presence of water on Mars, analyzing the soil and rocks, and putting to rest the LGM (Little Green Men - and Women) theories. Since the Bush administration wants to put people on Mars, maybe this is the time to apply for positions as a Martian geologist, dowser or humanitarian (Marsitarian).

Ironically, the detection of the presence of water on Mars confirmed what Percival Lowell once speculated. Lowell, from a wealthy Massachusetts industrialist family, moved west to Arizona and built Lowell Observatory. His passion was to determine that water existed on Mars and potentially supported life. He was laughed at by his peers for decades. While this speculation fanned the Martian fire of LGM images, his observatory was responsible for the discovery of Pluto and confirmation of the expansion of the Universe. Now, they protect Earth by vigilantly scanning the skies seeking PHO’s (potentially hazardous objects).

Meanwhile, back in the reference plane of attempting to derive meaning from the Heavens, Saturn plays heavily again. In our solar system, many bodies’ orbital elements call the sign of Cancer home. Saturn and the Earth come closest to the Sun while in Cancer. The heliocentric nodes of the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all take up residence in the sign of the crab. Now, Saturn presses on while transiting the sign of Cancer, the sign in which it moves most swiftly.

Recently, Saturn aligned with the North Node of Jupiter. This passage occurred on January 22nd. In the United States, this could be seen with the attempts at character assassination taking place in the presidential campaign while missing the real point. To view the world in a healthy manner politically (theologically, educationally and/or spiritually), a healthy belief baseline must underscore the platform. The real questions Saturn has been attempting to excavate have to do with the truthful reality that politically underscores the actions taken and to reveal all hidden agendas. Perhaps this same aspect would apply to the post analysis comments concerning recent speeches and proclamations made about the Weapons of Mass Destruction platform applied to initiate the last “war.”

Personally the above aspect asks, “is what you believe giving the result you want. If not, you know what to do, right?”

On the 2nd of February, Saturn contacts the point in the ecliptic where the Earth comes closest to the Sun. In the United States, there’s a Pennsylvania mythological hoopla about a groundhog seeing his Jungian comprehended shadow to determine the extent of winter. I doubt that the winter element plays along here other than coincidentally. However, Saturn to Earth offers a huge mundane squeeze. Matters of subsisting, whether in the material realm or emotional dimensions appear on the table - not the dinner table, of course.

Minimum standards in life’s basics must be defined. What material needs secure food and shelter? What is required above and beyond that? Make a plan that you can apply in life to secure these factors. On the primal emotional level what must be secured to feel supported, loved and understood? These needs, unlike the material, should not be budgeted, rationed or allocated to regulate behavior. Get what is needed. Sooner is better.

Saturn, as mentioned, moves fastest in the sign of Cancer. Here, he nudges the point where the Earth travels fastest about the Sun. The orbital speed symbols support an unconscious sense of urgency. That’s why work, the money it produces and emotional fulfillment issues seem irrationally important in the present. Saturn strongly suggests getting it done. Figure it out, secure it, and enjoy the new quality of your life. With all those planets in our solar system having strong Cancerian contacts, it would appear that the Creator herself/himself wished that all people had all needs substantially met while on Earth.

That’s a lovely thought to hold, is it not? Since it’s an election day the day after Saturn to the perihelion of Earth, that’s how I’m marking my ballot.