Nudging Saturn ~ January 3, 2004

Last night to clear my head of way too many football games on the tube, I wandered out to gaze at the sky as is my nightly ritual. As far as the football games go, I was not wasting time. I was working on a writing project with my laptop brightly lit up - multi-tasking in a busy world. Anyway, so I was looking just north of Orion and was thinking, “What’s that? There’s no star there.”

Then, I remembered. The lovely non-twinkling object seemed to be the only thing not twinkling against a background of holiday lights still fiercely fighting to etch in the meaning of the season. It was Saturn. Bright, yellowish and steady, he shines from his appointed charge in the Heavens and guess what? Saturn is now closest to the Earth. He will not offer his gravity at this reduced, clearing house distance again for another orbital cycle - more than twenty-nine years.

So, was New Year’s a little flat? Were you bored with the holiday in the middle of the week? Feeling like you can’t get anything done? Can’t call anyone you need because they’re still being “festive?” Does the urgency to get on with immediate life priorities stress you? Are these reactions exceeding norms? Of course they are. Saturn, lord of the mundane and all its worldly tasks stands ever so close. He’s not even saying a word. Still, you can feel him. Like the ultimate hall monitor, you sense the urge to move expediently and deliberately to life’s next classroom.

Good enough, you got the nudge. Now get ready to intelligently nudge back. Mercury still persists in backing down. Instead of hurriedly creating new agreements, take your time to address all missed chances, pending opportunities and now deal with those too intoxicated by holiday feasting to move. This lasts until the 6th (depending upon world location). You can more easily begin new stuff after this. However, lingering effects can be expected to peel back more layers of clarity until the 26th. By then, try to have new agendas completed installed.

Remember the theme of the year. Saturn in Cancer asks for solidity in your security. Hard to have in the U.S. and U.K. when they make you think airplanes are not safe. When they bet that terrorists want Las Vegas as target, the ultimate adult fantasy land isn’t even secure, despite all those guys with serious faces that don’t want you to take home any money.

So, how can you fulfill the agenda, especially now? Take all those Simon-sez like steps dictated by Saturn. They may seem small initially, but they do add up if you notice. Also, go out and take a look at the old boy. He’s quite lovely up there. Maybe he’ll even give you a personal message. I’m not sure, but last night I thought I saw him wink.

If you’re not sure what to do next in life, trying appealing this structuring deity. After all, there is specifically orchestrated order up there.