Knowledge and Previews ~ May 14, 2004

On Monday, the 17th of May, Venus holds her position in Gemini for a moment, then reverses her course. This happens every now and then, of course, but Venus is the planet that spends the least time in such motion. She moves backward - or retrograde - only 7.2 percent of the time. Not only is this relatively rare, she begins to dial up a central bearing on the Sun leading to her June 8th passage across the solar disk. Not since 121.5 years ago have we seen this. Just to make it a bit juicier, she also makes her retrograde station opposing the Galactic Center. Hmm, thinking ones muse; I think I know what this feels like.

Surely you can feel out about this station. If you’re getting tingling sensations in the head, gurgling of the stomach, and/or itchy palms you might be tracking the pipeline from the Galactic Center. That is of course, assuming that you’re not still recovering from Mother’s Day (US version), Cinco de Mayo or the celebration of Mohammed’s birth (in reverse order of chronology). Progressive information, free of charge, barrels out of the Galactic Center at all times. But now it’s focused by the brilliantly shining, relatively close Venus. The insights reflect the quality of ignorance - and as Galactic Center trackers know, this implies the transgression of ignoring insight. Given that one avoids the dastardly trait of disregarding cosmic input, the next step becomes that of dissemination.

One thing for sure about Galactic Center insight - it leads the current curve of consciousness by some six to nine months. This suggests that if you share the blazing insight you get over this next weekend and share it while watching Adelaide Cup Day festivities on Monday, others sport a patronizing smile and quickly revert to more mundane topics. Perhaps more time is needed to flesh out the idea. Actually, the idea is intact. The matter is: how does this become viable in the real world? Getting galactic insight grounded works wonders. Should it drift about in the fuzzy realm of etheric pondering, then it might drift away and by Memorial Day (US version) you may have lost tracking.

Venus asks that the insights appeal to her interest - relational matters and monetary considerations. The Galactic Center reports that successful attention to such matters opens the door to more cosmic understandings. Simply, reducing normal stress concerns about love and money opens up brain space for cosmic concerns. So what else rides shotgun with this focusing station?

As May draws to a close, Jupiter in Virgo squares Pluto in Sagittarius from the Sun’s point of view. Pluto is smack dab on the black holes of contradiction. Should a person, politician, country, or theology purport one thing and do another, a revision of belief would resolve the paradox and diminish contradicting one’s platform. In the air waves this more subtle manifestation provides all the clues of things that will bear down on our consciousness in undeniable ways come the geocentric square between these planets, at the end of the first week of August.

Personally, this suggests taking the time between now and throughout the insight rich era of Venus to redefine all beliefs, precepts, axioms, inspirational phrases and prayers to be completely aligned with the greatest part of one’s being. Further, it is suggested that a belief be installed that permits fantasizing that an insight, idea and the subsequent product line might actually be good for the world. Since you were the properly positioned satellite dish to the Galactic Center’s resonance, it might/could be you that brings this about. According to the grander plan, it is.

The showering essence of the Galactic Center persists through the retrograde era of Venus and beyond. Venus returns to oppose the galactic core in the first several days of August; appropriately aligned again with Jupiter and Pluto - this time the denser manifestation.

These occurrences offer everything needed to perceive needs of individuals, groups, nations and the planet. The insights to take a new direction simultaneously appear. The appearances promise something grander at the conclusion of this cosmic mini-cycle. The only question is: can people believe and trust the tracking they receive when everyone around them wants to discuss the latest face exfoliation method, gas prices, Iraqi war prisoner abuse or why all the money in the world can’t make the New York Yankees unbeatable. Sure, but for the time being, savor it on the inside. Use the information received in the next couple of weeks on a developmental, quiet level until at least August. Then, some of it can come out.

Since this is about the motion of Venus, do Venus things. Ideas have value. They are worth a ton of money especially when applied in the broadest manifestation possible. Register, copyright and protect all information. Realize that as Venus wants to share and intimately interact, should you “share” your ideas with another, the person receiving your information can apply a claim to it. That’s the way it goes on Earth. People assume they own galactically driven ideas. You can bet the muses are amused. But they’re just happy a dent has been made in a consciousness raising manner.

Tune it up sports fans. This is not Tevo - it must be taken in directly. You cannot record and save it for later. So point your cranium to the heavens. Receive the flow of non-ignorable insight and go on in a most non-ignore-ant manner. Soon, like Venus, the brilliance of the greater insights will be seen and people will believe that galactic insight is a part of your nature.