Holiday Lists ~ November 23, 2004

This week it seems the holiday season kicks off into full swing. Lists take form in near record numbers. Children and other hopefuls make lists of what gifts and sugar plums are supposed to manifest under the magical guidance of their faith’s holiday. Parents and other gift buyers make lists not only of what must be purchased, but what feast items must be prepared to celebrate the anti-climatic moments following gift opening. It has been reported by holiday gnomes that sometimes voices utter, “is that all there is?”

Nope. It’s not all there is. There’s a whole lot more. Over the next several list generating days, the Sun crosses a sheer plethora of black holes in Sagittarius while forming a tense ninety degree angle to a tidy collection of singularities (same things) in early Virgo. Notably, the seeds of creative vision reside in these inter/intra-dimensional hole punchers. However, paying attention, much like one must do with a mundane list, is required.

These black holes initiate an overall period of 35 days consisting of a ten to eleven day frenzy of seed inspiration, thought tidbits and glimpses of galactic insight. Following, is about twenty-five days of development of the seed thoughts. But to develop the original idea in accord with the cultivating cycle, it must be remembered. Therefore, the use of the blazingly rich energy pulse underscoring these mnemonic nuggets must be applied, first. This pulse consists of an intense blast of x-ray emanation lasting 283 seconds - that’s four minutes and 43 seconds dedicated to one thought entirely. That’s also a long time. But if done, all of the essence of the original blast comes through. If not done, parts of the insight slip slide back through the singularity into the Pleiades and you have to wait for someone to channel the insight a time/space continuum later. Actually, it doesn’t have to be the Pleiades. It could be Hercules or Hydra or Horologium. Still, if it’s lost, someone else beats you to the cosmic punch - not that such a motive should be the agenda.

The list making agenda allows anyone following the x-ray track to receive, process, develop and implement the leading edge of cosmic inspiration. No matter what holiday or faith one celebrates, such galactic gifts occur on an ongoing basis - and now extra gifts abound. Grab the gold. Grasp the good ideas. Grant yourself generous response to the images and insights of the Universe. Then, ground it. Bring it home so you and yours may benefit from everything you bought into for the holidays. Take your time in list making. You’ve got a good week to receive this blast.

For those of you stuck on holiday lists, may I make a suggestion on behalf of every astrologer Universe-wide? Please don’t give gift certificates for consultations to individuals who have no interest in a reading. Give your astrologer the gift of peace. Meanwhile, if you know someone who would love to receive insight, timing and inspiration as a gift, please contact your favorite astrologer. Meanwhile, I have a small universe of astrological information on a CD that could make a terrific gift for your favorite astrologically inclined gift list leader.

More next week to add to the fun of Mercury retrograding. Get clear, speak up and remember to listen, too.