Going Active ~ February 9, 2004

A Uranus in Pisces image refuses to let me rest at the moment, so from the depths of the vast, oceanic planes of consciousness, here it bubbles to the surface. When I was in the Navy many years ago, my primary job was submarine detection using what was then the latest sonar equipment on the planet. We had two modes of detecting what lay below in the deep, dark hidden recesses of the ocean: passive and active.

In the passive mode, we could only listen. Every then and again, we would hear something beyond the crackling of shrimp, playful chirps of dolphins and the compelling mating calls of whales. When we did hear something, we could only get a bearing. We never knew how far away the detected object was.

When we went active, we generated enough energy to light up a small town. Our low frequency allowed a greater range capacity that the higher pitched, older sonars. When we processed the echoing returns, we could filter and figure the actual location in azimuth and range. Still eluding our perceptions, though, was the important element of depth. We never really knew how deep things were.

Last week’s Galactic Times noticed the listening receptivity of Venus passing through a quadrature to the Center of our Galaxy. Like our sonar, this was a passive movement. Deep listening was required. Attention to the sourcing direction of whatever was heard became essential. Tune it. Grab the insight. Passivity prevailed.

“Bridge, Sonar, request permission to go active.”

“Sonar, Bridge, Permission granted.”

And so it was. We went active. For all those seekers who have heard, received insights or felt the true essence of their hearts and spirits, go active. Venus, now in the infant portion of the first-step-taking Aries, is fulfilled with steps in such directions. Take the visions of last week and get it started. Mind you, this is not an idle step, a false start, or a whimsical hope. Oh, there’s a condition here. You have to persevere.

Mars, as mentioned last week, secured its foothold on the turf of Taurus. Being a potent fixed sign, Taurus requires duration. The inspirations perceived and pursued are no idle matters. It is now full, increasing, constant throttle. This ensures success in the ways of applying cosmic insights upon Earth. I’m tired just thinking about it. But what we know is that it is in range. We know the distance to go and what to do to get there. So be it.

Symbolically above, the command center of the ship was the Bridge. Here, those within the command center took all the information from everywhere on the ship and a higher view of the horizon and made all the decisions. Much like the ship of life, the real Captain decides everything. Permission has been requested by those searching into the vast unconscious symbols in the sea. Discoveries are to be made. Courses are to be set. Destinations follow.

Newness is implied with Venus in Aries. The new enters and becomes the way of the present. The inspirations, soulful urges and emotional needs spot the sextant to the best location on the horizon. A new course is set.

This is much like the shift of going active. Once the insight has been received, get on with it. The seas of spirit lie ahead. They are calm. The winds follow. Only one unknown factor remains. The depth of this remains undeterminable while the plunge remains unavoidable. It’s all good.