Following Celestial Suit ~ May 6, 2004

Should you look westward just after sunset, you’ll see them. Using the unmistakably bright Venus as a guide, you can look off to her left and slightly up to see Mars: and following higher and more left, Saturn adds his shining support to the alignment. Not only is it lovely, it’s powerful and profound.

Despite the review posted last week in the Wall Street Journal of a book which, according to the reviewer, successfully debunked astrology (we’ve heard this misinformed story before), we can use any celestial occurrence for a successful forward view and preparation. Cool. In the past GT’s I’ve mentioned the potency of the upcoming crossing of the solar disk (more or less an eclipse type alignment) by Venus. Not in 121.5 years has this happened. And not in a long time has there been a more potently aligned chart to far-reaching, consciousness-expanding galactic influences. Being ready for this grand event would be a good thing.

Venus and Mars have a near conjunction encounter over the next days. The classic female and male archetypes commune in Gemini, presumably exchanging views on a myriad of topics. In a perfect Universe, understanding of each other’s ways and means comes to light under the defining demands of nearby Saturn. Clarifying needs, establishing unconditional receptivity to those needs, responding to the immediate profile of the solar system and beyond come from Venus. Mars actually takes an objectively considerate pause in the face of action to determine if the action on the tip of invocation matches the positions of planets, pulsars and other celestial stuff beginning with p. No sense taking a basketball onto a baseball diamond, right? If the point is a recreational game, pick one that is in season, celestially speaking. The same is true with issues of pursuing goals in life, applying creative urges and seeking emotional fulfillment.

Venus and Mars, while dancing freestyle at the moment, do not come directly in contact until December 5th. More on that later in the year. Right now, there’s another, more subtle dance of major importance taking shape. Yesterday I was forwarded a response to my last Sedna piece in which someone made an astute comment about Varuna. Remember him? This reasonably large body, as is Sedna, could be an actual planet depending upon astronomical definitions. On June 13th, just a few days after the June 8th hook up of Venus and the Sun, Varuna and Saturn align in Cancer at 13 degrees and 38 minutes. While it’s my policy to spare political commentary, it is worth noting that this alignment occurs spot on the Sun signs of both the United States and the President of the United States. We’ll soon see a clear delineation, so there’s no need to forecast doom nor gloom. I’m taking a wait and see approach on this one.

However, wait and see as an approach brings me to my next point. Varuna once was in charge of everything in Vedic lore. He directed day and night, time, time, flight of the birds, control of the seas and just about everything else. He was a honcho in the biggest way. It is rumored that he explored Soma as a consciousness raising method, much to the chagrin of other deity. They saw fit to have his powers reduced and ultimately he oversaw the seas and become the guide for drowning souls. Given his alignment with Saturn, clarity in response to celestial forces seems about right, which echoes the current theme of Venus and Mars.

Over the past months I have seen people declare impending doom over the astronomically invalid Planet X, the currently suggested comet collision that will not be and worse, a scenario of doom and despair for the upcoming Venus alignment with the Sun. Nothing could be further from the truth. Living in the United States it would seem that an addiction to fear of the future, life, other people and celestial events supports amplified adrenalin and some odd addiction to intensity. It is my view that such declarations of doom are absolute acts of terrorism - psychically speaking that is. A young person from Nevada recently e-mailed wanting to know if it is true that Planet X will smash Las Vegas for its sins come June 8th.

As I recollect, our job as watchers of the wonders of the Universe is to extract meaning from the movements above and apply it the best way possible down here on Earth. So, let’s give it a whirl.

With Saturn and Varuna, seek the vast understandings of time and space to create a vision of how the seas move in harmony with the gaseous remnants of ancient galactic events still in primal evolution. Those gorgeous galactic swirls revealed by Hubble are also intended to inspire awe. Vision, when grounded and connected, serves the masses. What if, miraculously, world leaders got a glimpse of cooperation that completely undid the presently disheveled state of the world? What if each person, in her/his own way caught a visionary glimpse of creation? Well then, but one choice would remain. That choice would be to honor the creationary power of Venus through Mars. Apply inspired energy to invoke a vision that offers a reverential reaction and receptivity to Creation itself.

And there’s one more thing. The next time you hear someone spewing off about some cosmic catastrophe based upon information they do not understand nor have researched, use the Cancerian energy of Saturn and Varuna. Offer something nurturing to eat that is chewy and long lasting. That way the words of doom cease and the index finger cannot click the mouse to forward inaccurate prophecies of doom.

Take a moment at sunset. See if the celestial canopy that is there for you, free of charge, is not the best show on Earth. If so, respond accordingly.