Do You Want to Download? ~ June 2, 2004

When opening e-mail with attachments, your computer might prompt you as to whether or not you choose to open that thing dangling in cyberspace and download it. Then, what do you want to do with it after that? You want a one time shot (of course, you could presumably download it again, later); or is it better to lock it in onto your hard drive?

You’ve probably heard by now that Venus comes into a rare alignment with the Sun, next Tuesday, June 8th. Indeed it does. The download will be present for all. Some will double click on the iconic nature of the transit; others will not. Will the consciousness of the planet suddenly turn on its heels displaying remarkable healing? Not in an instant it won’t. But a seed is sown to begin the evolution toward the next Venus transit, only eight years hence - instead of the one hundred twenty one point five year interval recently endured.

It is important to note that this cosmic download can only be downloaded while present. It will not be precise nor as potent on the 9th, 10th or any day thereafter. To prepare our collective cosmic cullenders for this event, great benefit can be gained by looking at the present planetary effects leading up to the focused transit.

A Full Moon is at hand, rapidly approaching. This one occurs between the Solar influence of Gemini and the Lunar inference of Sagittarius. The theme: Ask the right questions. Does this next step fulfill your greater vision of your philosophy of life? You do have a declared philosophy of life, right? Are you being distracted or derailed? Is your focus intact? Have you recently checked your course settings? Clearing your mind of such distracting considerations can open other places in your psyche such that you can receive the forthcoming Venus download.

Over the next several days, Mercury traverses the longitudinal equivalent of the Taurus subset, the Pleiades. Grieving comes to mind. Whatever appears in your mind as a consideration for “spending some time with that,” that addresses a loss, a disappointment or emotional letdown would be appropriate. Clear the debris. It wasn’t all that long ago that not only was Venus aligned in these degrees, but she was directly in front of the Pleiades. If it needs to be shed, do it now. Again, more room inside offers greater opportunity for good to be received, accepted and applied.

Speaking of opportunities, the planet associated with grand adventures with fortuitous outcomes, Jupiter, is coming to visit Saturn through an angle traditionally associated with ease, ideas and positive outcomes. Now before I go further with this, a point of clarification. Certainly, I can pick a number of tense aspects to define and suggest ways of manifesting them. Given the news, world events and the way people treat people, these aspects are likely to get more press than they deserve. Therefore, I am going to tout this angle within an antidotal attitude to all the other energies. After all, is not the Universe always in Perfect Balance? Perhaps that’s a question to render to the Full Moon. Or, at least, are you in Balance? And how would you know?

Back to the Jupiter-Saturn thing. This aspect doesn’t come into culmination until August 17th. However, right now, the planets are in reasonable proximity to the angle. Slowly, over the next couple of months, given insight, dedication to inspirations received, and the timely execution of those images, seeds of success get planted. Attentive cultivation is required. Dedication to the beliefs underwriting every effort benefits the outcome. Here, receptivity to ideas slowly builds. Responsiveness to viable solutions enthusiastically appears. Finally, timing, which is everything, moves into perfect synchronization of thought to action to manifestation to well-intended results.

Using the planetary set-up steps, we approach the Venus transit with clear decks, free of physical, emotional and psychic tripping hazards. The download is accepted as it occurs for what it is. Inspirations result. A plan forms. Steps are taken. Over the next reasonable interval of time, positive results manifest.

Can you take the download? Can you afford not to double click on the remarkable icon of consciousness forming overhead? There’s only one who knows. You know who that would be.