Details, Details ~ August 10, 2004

After the last Galactic Times and the comment I made about Mars making black hole aspects focusing around the 17th of August, I was amazed by the response. So many e-mailed wanting precise times for the events. Hmm. I’ve always been a bit of the opinion that the energies from galactic points work when they do and a general awareness of a bracketed time frame allows for the receptivity of the emanations. But since so many of you asked...

There exists a range of Mars and Mercury black hole activity this month. Based upon Mars, this era commences at 21:09 UT on the 15th staying ultra-responsive through 14:29 UT on the 21st. These are the times that Mars aligns with the black holes at 3 Virgo 28 and 7 Virgo 06. On both these dates, Mercury stands within a degree of the other of the two black holes involved in a very cool display of cosmic coordination. Should you choose to align with these points you’ll have to do a little math. Let’s say that between the 14th and 22nd if you select times when your local angles correspond to the above degrees, you’ll be at the daily, geographically precise alignment. This could give you eight options per day. Whew, there’s those details done. If you’re not sure what to do with all those numbers, suffice it to say that remaining receptive to new, innovative, mind-bending ideas for 8 days beginning on the 14th probably can do the trick.

Such ideas require development, reality checking and empirical testing. Grab your ideas, flesh them out and apply them in life. Objectively monitor the results. Once processed, you have an intellectual commodity to offer to a hopefully waiting world.

“Hopefully waiting” offers a “heads-up” to the fact that prior to the “well-greased” expansion-contraction balance axis mentioned in the last GT, that a strong opposition between master-healer Chiron and duty-driven Saturn forms on the 15th (early in the day). This relationship gains further definition from the father-son relationship of Saturn to Chiron in which Saturn disowned and rejected his brilliant, talented son. The symbolism contains the weird contradictory symbols of the patriarchy to the upstart containing the messages, “that’s not what I told you to do,” and “I told you not to do that.” That “not” word certainly gets things all knotted into complicated snarls when applied in advice columns.

So here’s the bottom line of the establishment to the fledgling ideas of consciousness seeking to find their way. Prove it. Do the math. Work out the details. Test the theory. Cut no corners. Take all necessary steps. Given that, and proof in the pudding, the merit of galactic insights clearly comes to light.

Chiron, when discovered as an astronomical body, was originally classified as a “maverick.” Later, the unique motion of this body became the archetype of class of objects in our solar system - the Centaurs. Like it or not, this odd object, complete with his healing modalities and his rowdy cosmic cousins, created one of three new types of known solar system bodies. These are now facts, not speculative theories. The point being: new found ideas come to fruition and value in their time - just like all the images trying to find their way through the openings in the atmosphere into the consciousness of all below wanting to grasp the bigger picture.

Still, status quo and anything needed to feel a sense of control tends to initially resist insights of new and sky-breaking (like ground breaking only more heavenly) qualities. It’s a temporary hiccup. Once merit, application and the value of ease appear, resistance diminishes.

Oh yeah, Mercury is retrograde during this download cycle. Details remain important. Remember to document all efforts (especially those of an experimental nature), initial reasoning and find some new brightly colored folders so these ideas stay easy to locate. Now if you could only remember which color meant what.

Attention to detail reduces the feeling of overload. It doesn’t take that much more time to organize the ideas at their appearance. If fact, the encoded details of the insights offer some pretty nifty timesaving, energy management methods.

Oh, by the way, a Swedish scientist has just concluded that Ireland bears the same dimensions (according to Plato) as the mythical Atlantis and therefore is Atlantis. With logical deduction making an appearance in the midst of these inspiration cycles, Chiron offers a fascinating precaution: not all new ideas make sense in the beginning.