Curing Curses ~ October 21, 2004

Okay, I’m going to have to go to baseball for the content of today’s Galactic Times. If you’re not a baseball fan, you can stop now or take the risk that the metaphor encoded below applies to all of life - I’m betting it does.

As a child I grew up in western Massachusetts rooting for the Red Sox who always got their plow cleaned by New York. This was accompanied by a steady diet of negative affirmations from local New York fans like: They can’t win. It’ll never happen. They’re cursed. It’s impossible (and a few others we’d have a hard time getting broadcast on television). Realizing that the totality of the curse won’t officially be broken unless the Red Sox win the World Series (I apologize to all readers outside the US for our national solipsism), let’s work with what we’ve got. For me, I am happy with the unfolding images.

It’s not just about the Red Sox winning. It’s about all what’s behind it. The night before last’s night decisive victory, the umpiring crews convened and reversed two significant, wrongly made calls in the game. The reversals were indeed correct. In the past few days, Venus in Virgo, in a quest for impeccability and integrity, square off against Pluto, who now dredges the depths of Sagittarian influence for all glimmers of truth. Pluto can dig in and stubbornly claim righteousness and correctness at the risk of sacrificing honesty and integrity. Look at the conditions of the forthcoming US election if you don’t believe that. This country can’t even accurately and fairly count votes, and we know this going into our election.

Never mind that, the umpires officiating the games convened in a thorough display of the Libran high road, “let’s be fair and just,” spirit (the Sun, Mars and Jupiter cooperatively coexist there now), and got it right. Wow! That was a start.

Last night the Red Sox accomplished what was perceived to be an impossible feat. Being down three games to none in a whoever wins four games first gets to the next level series, they did the unthinkable. Against a well-funded, highly-skilled baseball team, they beat them four in a row, two in record setting (in terms of time) arduous late night marathons.

Can the impossible be accomplished? Can the nagging, haunting banters of a life long series of negative messages be reversed? Can a curse be overcome? Evidently, yes.

I’ve decided to take this “impossibility is possible” scenario and use it to blow out all of the psychic curses I’ve ever had imposed in my life. I am willing to release previously damaging haunting (and just in time for Halloween) life messages to open the portal for previously unimaginable accomplishments. As “they” so often say in metaphysical circles, if you can imagine it, then it can be.

Meanwhile, we all can use the planets of the time in a good way. We can all insist upon impeccability, justice and the right call at the right time in a propitiating appeal to Venus and Pluto. Sure it requires perseverance and persuasiveness to get these results. Here, I am reminded that the trinity in Libra suggests that pleasantness and decorum while maintaining firmness to one’s soulful agenda does and will produce “fair” results.

Finally, Mercury in Scorpio and Saturn in Cancer demand an honest emotional outpouring of the cravings of one’s soul. And with all this, who knows? If life imitates art, I am willing to perceive baseball as an art form today and put in a full nine innings. Maybe therein is the cure.