Crossing the Solar Disk ~ June 7, 2004

Tomorrow the long awaited, highly touted, Venus transit occurs - the crossing of the solar disk. Over the last months the Internet has been abuzz about the precision of the geometry involved and now, the potential implication for consciousness upon the planet. I have been scratching my head wondering what to offer about this point, given that I have been claiming this is one of the most grand galactic charts in sometime. Simplicity was the answer.

So, in the interest of simplicity (as well as not reinventing the wheel), I decided to excerpt the interpretations of this point from my Galactic Trilogy CD. The following is from the treatise on the CD entitled, “The Soul of the Sky.”

Moon conjunct Cygnus X-3, the black hole in late Aquarius. Genius lies within emotional reactions. Feel. Be illuminated and go on. A five year lag between conception of an idea and its manifestation commonly occurs. Talent may be latent and requires deliberate development. Ideas emerge that can, significantly and positively, alter the course of humanity.

Mercury in Gemini, square 3U0838-45 and 3U0900-40, two black holes in Virgo, opposed three black holes in Sagittarius, 3U 1516-56, 3U 1653+35, 3U 1617-15. A need for simplistic order prevails. Philosophy develops as sequential thoughts are followed with action. Follow common sense in creating consciousness. Think. Get organized. Think.

Venus conjunct Sun, opposed 3U1700-37 and 3U1658-48, two black holes in Sagittarius. Women's issues come to the forefront. Empowerment versus victimization becomes clearer. Finally, some sort of parity in the war between the genders results. Money and its transformation hover over humanity's head. A healthy, organic sexual attitude must weave into the collective consciousness.

Mars in Cancer opposes the powerful galactic enigma, SS433. Breakthroughs in DNA and cellular memory prevail. Awareness of kundalini as the natural life force stands to become a mainstream thought. Healing of the soul replaces healing of the body as the medical/wellness modus operandi.

Jupiter in Virgo, widely reaches to multiple black holes (he is known for his expansiveness). The exploration of contradictions and illusions in beliefs, actions and consciousness results. By the way, did you know that these mental oxymorons and inconsistencies are as obvious as an elephant on an anthill?

Saturn in Cancer, wide to a conjunction with Mars, conjoins the potent fixed star, Sirius. Soul cleansing using extraction of the ill effects becomes a collective force in healing. Physically extracting psychic toxins that cause mental, emotional and physical pain offers relief. Then, we realize, we may actually accept Cancerian nurturing without assuming a meddlesome or encroaching agenda.

Chiron from its late Capricorn perch, rests thick amongst the field of pulsar radiation. Simply, retreat and the restoration of sacred space stands as the cornerstone of creating consciousness and conducting personal healing.


Uranus from Pisces opposes two black holes in early Virgo, while squaring the many black holes in early Sagittarius. Changing the way simple things get done spells relief. Alter daily routines. Go with the flow. Listen to the traffic report and take an alternate route. Observe omens and seek not to proceed down roads full of consciousness potholes.

Neptune in Aquarius is conjunct two black holes resident in mid-Aquarius. Comparisons and standards of reference become redundant and useless. Hopefully, those in need of human stereotyping realize that such judgment falls short. Now more than ever before, individuality becomes more important. Each person stands as their own personal database creating their own specialized incomparable category.

Pluto opposed Sun, Mercury, lies conjunct the two black holes in mid-Sagittarius. All fictitious nonsense gets blasted. If there is going to be a fall from grace for government, world power, religious leaders, the legal system, this is it. By the way, stop all those frivolous lawsuits and deal with the Ultimate Judge, The Big Gal/Guy in the Sky. Be accountable only to that. The rest will be fine. What the hell, let's rewrite our Constitution and make each indigenous tribe a nation. Imagine getting our noses out of the affairs (literally and figuratively) of others and focus upon our own personal divinity.

The Ram-based Midheaven points to three black holes in late Aries. It is now time to become an excellent individual. Restore your innocence. Strive for total impeccability in action. Get over your past lives. Work to not create anymore karma for yourself to process.

Well, that’s the nutshell on the now notorious transit of Venus. We now return to normal living but with a more inspired, receptive point of view. Right? Time to get the rest of the planet onboard, I reckon. Armed with insight, we know where to begin. Propitiate. Create your own ceremony. Do your dangest to respond favorably to the essence so intent upon clarifying what exactly does make the world go round.