Connecting the Bright Spots ~ January 20, 2004

First and foremost, allow me to pass along a spelling correction from the last Galactic Times. This was detected by an astute reader. The newly named centaur is Bienor, instead of Beinor as I had written it.

Over the last several nights the planetary persuasions have demanded more than one visitation. The other night I went out about an hour after sunset to observe the parade of Venus approaching its set, Saturn nearly overhead and Mars in between. Later still, I went back out to observe Mars approaching its setting point, Saturn inching westward and Jupiter promising hopeful horizons to the east.

It occurred to me in a quasi-dream state this morning that taking advantage of this optical connection to the Heavens is in order. When things can be clearly and undisputedly seen, they enter the conscious mind, one of the denser, closer to the real world states of consciousness awareness. Since wishing on stars is not allowed in this case since planets are involved, why not do something to let the planetary deities know we’re watching? Vedic astrologers very quickly point out the need to propitiate to the planetary lords.

Add to that the noteworthy position of Jupiter, retrograde in Virgo, squaring both Pluto in Sagittarius and a plethora of black holes in the central portion of Sagittarius. Think this has no effect? Watch the news. Not to plug a show on TV (okay, I’m plugging a show on TV), but last week, Keith Olbermann on MSNBC’s evening news show, Countdown, delineated this aspect. He drew a comparison between Roger Clemens, future hall of fame baseball pitcher, who dramatically retired during last year’s World Series (I apologize for that term to our international friends) and ACLU opponent, Rush Limbaugh. It seems that dramatic, opinionated and emphatic statements made by both these personalities have been severely contradicted. Clemens announced his retirement in a great fanfare only to sign a new baseball contract this year. Rush hurriedly accepts the support of the ACLU in his current legal matters.

These instances are not really about “never say never,” but more about realizing where you are right now is only a momentary condition. You could change your mind. Perhaps changing one’s mind signals evolution. Perhaps being confronted by opposing views strengthens philosophical resolve. Certainly one of the black holes says, “proclaim a philosophy you can use in life,” which is a different polarity of “practice what you preach.” And another one of these powerful Sagittarian singularities strongly suggests, which is one step short of telling you what to do, that if you know something, speak up. If you know you’re guessing or shooting from the hip, add that disclaimer or save the idea until you’re certain.

Now back to the lovely line of planets in the sky: Should life not be rendering the results you crave, why not adjust the doctrine employed to create more potent and pleasing results? Jupiter in Virgo can allow the mind to go amuck, especially while retrograde. When old, toxic views appear, recognize them and promptly dismiss them from the classroom in your mind. Then, create images of how you want your life to become. Specific block diagrams seem to work best. This means be clear and open ended. Finally, appeal to the planets.

Instead of the usual asking the planets and heavenly deity to do something for you, propitiate. Propitiate well. Now you create the agenda of saying, “ever say ever” which bars “never say never” concepts from interfering by installing those annoying speed bumps in life.

To Venus, offer your greatest inner talents and creative surges. Intend to make the Earth more vibrant and pleasing with your soulful energies. To Mars, agree to initiate all those things that create positive results and provide duration to these and other inspirations. While you’re at it, why not thank Spirit (not your etheric guides, the NASA probe) for the stunning panoramas? Next, offer Saturn duration. Agree to stay on task until completion. Promise to offer the highest quality and fullest feeling in every action taken. Last, to Jupiter surrender your mind to be a vehicle of receptivity to clear thought. Allow all basic beliefs a refresh and an upgrade.

With that, you have connected a few of the bright spots in the Heavens. While you’re at it, try noticing how many of those highly illuminated spots there are. That should test conscious abilities to comprehend. After all, it appears to be unlimited.