Bigger Pictures ~ September 24, 2004

With four planets presently in Virgo (and again in mid-September), the nature of dealing with details surrounds us. It might even feel like, “circle the wagons, here comes the onslaught.” The problem is that circled wagons go nowhere other than in a carousel-like course. The tail chasing feeling of distracting details contributes to the feeling of overwhelm that seems to be hanging in the air like an unwanted emotional humidity. What to do?

First, on the heels of the Mercury-Earth conjunction, establish a little direction. It’s not that hard. Write your “to do,” “must have,” and “for my higher evolution” lists. Once written, add a measure of contemplation. This inner peaceful time reorganizes everything that requires attention into some level of importance. Given the clearly defined sense of priorities, rewrite your list. One by one, knock out the details of life. Take your personal wagon out of the endless loop of wasted effort. And if yoked, make sure you travel in harmony with those evidently moving in the same approximate direction as yourself.

The entire message of personal chaos seeks to shuffle the cards that fall soon. A sense of the really big picture must result. No, I mean really big. Sure what you do affects your family, social sphere and work environment. Each of those affects the community at large. The community affects the state, territory, province, country and continent in which you live. That affects the Earth. The Earth, being an integral part of our solar system, affects everything in it. Our solar system affects our galactic group. Overwhelmed yet? Oh, we thought the overwhelm was just about details. Evidently, it has to do with broadening views as well. One more step for today, that’s it.

Our galactic structure affects the local group of galaxies all migrating (actually being unceremoniously sucked in) towards the center of this super-galactic gathering. Why do we care? Well, without lives in order, we naturally seek the Evolution of Creation, right? Not only that, the Super-Galactic Center located in early Libra (at a tough to define exact coordinate), will soon be passed by Mars and Jupiter at the same time. Sounds big. It is.

Prepare for a sense of greater need for unity in all things. Ultimately, aren’t all people on the Earth on the same side? Here’s two current set-ups: The Governor of the State of New Mexico just called for a hearing asking for full disclosure on the supposed/alleged-UFO collision near Roswell more than five decades ago. He says we can handle the true facts. This at the same time that the United States and China argue over an engraved hunk of gold, national pride and spinning bodies due to a judge’s inattention (dang, those missed details) in Athens. Are you with me yet?

While we obsess, worry, fret, plan, plot, conjure, strategize and execute (who came up with that word? - rhetorical question, thanks) our direction of life, the Earth circles the Sun, which circles the Galactic Center, which circles the nucleus of our Super-Galaxy. Given all these circuitous motions in which we play a part, do we really have a chance to get out of circum-motion?

Sure, be circumspect. Bear in mind that while the details of life stack up in very untidy piles of stuff to manage, the whole flow of the Universe seeks to unfold just as it should. Actually, it’s better than should. There are irresistible forces in nature. Gravity, being such a big one, requires that things go according to the most primaeval laws of nature - some we kind of get, others we have no clue, some we don’t even know what kinds of questions to ask.

The point remains, use the time between now and late September to clear your consciousness. Sort out details. Get stuff done. But here’s the biggest perspective provider: According to the X-Ray Binary Accretion Pulsar model of consciousness, talking about those things you have presumedly transformed only drags the issues back to present reality. Part of clearing the decks demands throwing heavy weighted things out of the wagon that preclude an ascent to the next summit, which is where the range and hope of the next horizon can be seen.

Pick a mountain point of vision for what comes next (yes, after those nagging details have been silenced once and for all). How far can you see? When you observe some points in space, theoretically you can see back in time before Creation. Ah yes, the order and presence of the Universe are perfect. There’s a detail worth adding to your big picture.