And Yet Again ~ August 3, 2004

And yet again, for the third time, Venus crosses the sky opposite the potent, fertile Galactic Center. Now, another opportunity to receive the progressive blasts of our galactic nucleus stands before us. The Galactic Center showers us with a wide spectrum of radiation intending to energize our awareness into more progressive applications of life. Notice the key: the receipt of cosmic energy requires receptivity, then translation into insight, then translation into a real world, viable application despite the initial rebuff of the insight felt both internally and in response to the sharing of such insight.

One more time? Gladly. The initial reaction to any Galactic Center insight is: “Oh, my God! That will change my life!” Precisely. Should you be entirely content with your life, forget about it. Pass the insight along to someone else to be the centralized cosmic innovator of this idea. Should your life be lacking a missing piece or two (let’s see, who could possibly be exempt here?) work to pull down the insight, apply it and accept all the good that goes with it.

Does that sound too optimistic and fluffy given the state of the world? It’s really not. Consider that Jupiter now closes on its angular rendezvous with Saturn on the 17th of August. This planetary pattern promises an easy, receptive exchange between the essential principles of explosive expansion and cautious advance. Yes, I know Mercury will be annoyingly retrograde at that time. However, the angle between Jupiter and Saturn offers more promise and potential than the pesky fact monger can cause in shares of chaos - that is obviously, naturally, of course, should one remain mindful off all essential details. On that day, the Moon, Mars, Mercury in reverse and Jupiter all harvest the heavens in Virgo. Since crop failures are always a disappointment, most especially where concepts and consciousness come into play, attentive applications offer the solution.

First, remember you are the satellite dish. The process is completely conscious, yet can occur unnoticed. Ideas just slip through the cracks. No meditations, alterations of your personal ozone, nor channeled efforts are required. It comes to you. Second, pull in all of it. Leave no incoming detail unattended. On the 17th, Mars agitates a sequence of black hole energies demanding that a full radiation exposure is rendered. This minimum interval of exposure is precisely 283 seconds. Can you imagine spending nearly five minutes focused upon one thought? If the answer is “no,” then Galactic Center data may elude you. Focus.

After focus and development of the initial bursts of ideas conduct your own reality check. Does this make sense or is it mumbo-jumbo? If still in the m-j mode, then seek more information. Here’s a clue. When the Galactic Center pours information into you, often physical manifestations occur. These are: tingling hands, an itchy scalp (and Virgo notes: assuming reasonably good hygiene) or gurgling in the stomach. Can this information work even if well tracked?

Finally, there’s that other thing. This information cannot be taken through one’s standard “life has always worked out (or not) this way” filter. Learn from your computer. Delete old files. Clear the cache. Empty the recycle bin. Defrag your drives. To you, that means work to forget, delete and purge ideas that feed negative outcomes. Clear your mind. Compress the vacant spaces in consciousness. Now your rise to meet the occasion of receiving the galactic shower of consciousness decreases in time. That would be a good thing. These methods prevent skewing cosmic insights into strange, weird and negatively foretelling messages. We have enough fear mongering occurring out there without our playing into the hand. Clarity in interpreting insights offers lucidity in the representation of the insights received. And if you’re still not sure, do what the astronomers do when they discover an object they believe intends to collide with Earth. They put a moratorium on the announcement until the data is checked and verified by independent collaborating sources.

It’s not like the Universe is saying, “I’m only going to tell you one more time.” It never does that. Always a new burst of insightful information prevails even if we cannot decode the specific energy matrix in which it arrives. The Universe is now saying, “And yet again.”

However, the Universe seems to favor those with a faster uptake.