A Well-Weathered 2005 ~ December 7, 2004

It’s nearly time to peek around the corner if we dare and see what may be in 2005 - or at least buy a new calendar, hopefully now on sale, with our favorite theme as pictures. In that spirit, it is time to address one of the largest influences that will occur in 2005, because like the year, it lies virtually a step or two away. Really, we’re feeling the influence now and have been for a while. And it’s a clear weather report, as it were.

That’s not to mean that the weather will be clear, either climatically or astrologically. In fact, both are likely to be wildly affected. On January 5, 2005, the reasonably long period Uranus directly aligns with the closest point Mars makes with the Sun (the perihelion). Since 1947, several studies link such contacts with solar activity and anomalistic weather patterns. Given this contact in early Pisces, weather forecasts indicate excessive rains in a wide variety of locations worldwide. This should be a wet winter with solar influences, stimulated by planetary patterns, underwriting the guarantee. Where in the world is hard to know, but suffice it to say several regions will be experiencing unusually high amounts of precipitation. That’s certainly been true on the island of Kauai of late - the rainfall pattern now is the most extreme it’s been in decades.

Meanwhile, what might this mean to our “personal” weather? Uranus brings once in a life kinds of changes when it hits a point directly. Its orbit still exceeds our preservative driven, life extension life style’s life expectancy. Here, the collective symbol reminds us of the kinds of things that require a serious investment of energy. Change things. Stir it up. The perihelion of Mars, when agitated, is one of the more volatile connections as determined by watching the consequential effects on solar activity. Edginess soars to unprecedented heights. Agitation stems from knowing a new path must be taken and resisting it anyway. It’s a big Universal Plan - one that should certainly override personal volition. Take notes, prepare for change, and avoid the flood that clears the land of cluttered consciousness.

When it rains it pours. Planetary patterns always seem to cluster, especially when it affects you. On January 8, Saturn aligns with its own heliocentric North Node in Cancer. Saturn bears the burden of reminding people (and humanity) of their responsibilities, assumed or otherwise. The cosmic organizer pushes the agenda of remembering what the agenda actually might be. Cancer is the homeland, the needs of the people, emotional requirements, a true sense of safety and the foundation of feeling loved and wanted on the most primal human levels. Collectively and personally, a huge urgency of need likely comes about.

Know how it is on a stormy day? It feels so good to hole up with a good book, favorite pet, tasty chow and your soul mate realizing safety from the storm. Not everyone is safe in every storm. These issues will surface for some individuals, certainly some leaders and possibly nations. If the sense of a solid plan, well-founded aspirations and the commitment to one’s security in life does not stand the test of time, then Uranus will step in and force the hand of change.

These images loom in the airwaves for those not too distracted by the holidays or subconsiously avoided life changes. With the present Mercury retrograde, it’s a great time for review. This Thursday the 9th, Mercury and Earth form the significant focal point of this retrograde as they inch into conjunction. Take some time to assess the reality of life. Should security issues whether material, emotional or spiritual require your attention, dive in. Determine what changes must occur. Develop a comprehensive, solid, real world functioning plan. Then initiate like there’s no tomorrow. Remember that old saying that kicked around in the laid back 1970's? (If not take my word for it - this was said) Today is the tomorrow that occupied your concern yesterday.

One last thing. The above patterns deal with an 84-year cycle and a 29.5 year cycle. Of these has the stuff to neither cause the Sun to blow the Earth off course, cause the end of the world nor bring the fictitious and malicious Planet X back into the picture. Chill. Focus on your changes and restructuring of life. Let the Universal Order do what it will without worries, please. Because that Order will do just that, whether or not we are set to weather it.