A Seasoned Week ~ March 15, 2004

No doubt you’ve seen something about the newly discovered planet, Sedna. This is a real object that will be of prime astrological significance. If you look up the mythology, it is a very compelling Uranus in Pisces kind of story. So much more will come of the myth alone. At this moment I do not know where it is. Be assured that I have my mouse on the pulse of the astronomical news and will dedicate a GT to this newly discovered Planet (with a capital P) in the near future. Sedna, not to be confused with Sedona, is a Trans-Neptunian object in the Kuiper Belt, possibly even a resident of the Oort Cloud. Before we go crazy on this body, we do have a solid myth to apply interpretively, however, most of the orbital data, other than current position will be preliminary for quite some time. I will generate an ephemeris as soon as possible. And I vow to keep you informed of the latest information I can find. One more thing: This IS NOT Planet X.

Another celestial effect of note this week is the approach of the equinox on the 20th. It may soon be spring for those of us up North, but remember, it is going to be autumn down South. Just a little note to prevent hemispheric bias. So, we have the change of the seasons. Indeed, it is a time to clear out, invigorate, ceremonialize and more. I love to consider the changing of the season literally. It’s a time to spice up life again in accord with the providence of the environmental effects of the season based upon the orientation shift of the Sun relative to the Earth. I don’t know about you, but to me the standard seasoning just doesn’t add enough spice. Salt and pepper have their place; in my book, a fresh ground shaving of nutmeg makes your palate sing. After all, if you’re going to refresh, spice it up a bit.

This requires homework. Like all pending astrological/astronomical markers, the event often seems anticlimatic if the necessary personal prep work did not occur. Given that St. Patrick’s Day falls in the middle of this week, drinking green beer until you can actually see leprechauns may not be the most appropriate homage. Still, I assure you those ceremonial celebrations will appear just one day short of St. Alka Seltzer’s Day.

If you want some refreshing fizz on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, the luck of the Irish (or so they claim) is upon you. This Thursday, the 18th, three planets simultaneously stir two noteworthy galactic points. First, Mars begins passage over the Pleiades - the seven weeping sisters, to stay in traditional mythology (the Cheyenne believe this to be a potent point of shamanic ceremony). Second, the Venus in Taurus to Neptune in Aquarius square aspects the intersection point of the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center (Z/ZS). One at a time, please. But, of course.

Mars to Pleiades (two of the stars in this asterism are now in Gemini) surfaces the agenda of the weeping sisters. Simply, grieve what must be let go. If you’re working to delete a dysfunctional emotional pattern, grieve its loss. Should you be changing jobs, let the old one go with an appropriate emotional clearing. Even if you’re trading in a car, shedding a few tears as you let go of the old carriage seems ceremonially normal. This clears space for the new, the fresh and the reinvigorated, just as the change of the seasons requires.

Venus and Neptune stand square. The Taurus to Aquarius images requires a groundedness to fantasies, dreams and fairy tale endings. So be it. The Galactic Center/Super Galactic Center midpoint in Scorpio provides the last number on the tumbler to open the locks upon your personal gates of heaven. This is not a free pass. It too, requires work. Magic must be invoked. The magical process of Z/ZS is fairly simple. Speak in affirmations that concisely state the desired result. Saying that you don’t want to weather to be rainy does not preclude snow, hail or dust storms. Say only what you want. Don’t ask for the salt and pepper if you really want salt and nutmeg, eh? Avoid double negatives. If you say “I don’t want a such and such negative outcome,” that does not assure positive results. Be clear.

So on Thursday, get the old stuff gone. Then, affirm desired results only. Then, stay receptive and get ready.

Sunday, on the heels of the emergence of the equinox, the two planets closest the Sun, Mercury and Venus, approach the Sun, through the closest distance - perihelion. This stimulates an urgency regarding the nature of the planets. For Mercury, the issue is communication, which as I last heard consists of speaking, writing (the real kind of writing as well as e-mail and IM) AND listening. To address Venus, remember the two R’s of love and money: render and receive. With that, things should start to come back to you within the natural curvature of Universal Reality.

Two notes about me before signing off. First, apologies in advance as the GT’s may be slightly less in frequency over the next couple of months. The Fates, Planetary Players and God, her/his androgynous self, have ensured my plate is full. No doubt, I’ll need more nutmeg soon. Second, fly America West Airlines. Why? For those of you who miss Space Scopes from the old days at Scifi.com, starting in April’s edition of the America West Airlines magazine, you’ll find my new horoscope column. You can certainly write the magazine or the airline if you like. By contract, I cannot send this out or post them myself.

See you again as soon as I can and with more on Sedna as fast as I can.