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.2009 Season Opener ~ 9 April 2009

Play Ball! What a fabulous Aries command to echo through the air, at least for baseball fans, a wide slice of hopelessly mundane humanity.

With Eris now known to astrologers, it is common for planets in Aries to be aligned with the goddess of discord at the start of the season. This year, Mercury, planet of communication, hand signals, hand-eye coordination, play by play strategy and “having one’s head in the game,” plays side by side with Eris. True to form, unexpected teams have shown fast starts, also suggesting that expected favorites lag a bit behind. It’s early yet and the trend shall not stick. Late in the season during the home stretch and into to the playoffs, the personal planets line up in Virgo with Saturn, suggesting the teams with the best discipline, drill, work ethic and play execution ought to prevail. This leaves out all but one surprise team, as indicated by the Saturn-Uranus opposition. However, the surprise team energy fades in mid-September with two weeks yet to go. Only if the unexpected team, a likely a favorite at the season’s home stretch, builds a huge lead in the summer months, most specifically late July and early August, can that team be expected to prevail.

Another manifestation of the above trend could be an eccentric player on a team with a long-standing history. Can Manny boost the Dodgers to a title and a World Series win? Given that both California and Los Angeles have Virgo Suns in the horoscope, the faltering effect of Saturn should appear late in the season for the Dodgers. Given the Aries incorporation of the City of Los Angeles, early in the going the Dodgers have a fast start. First they took two out of three from the Padres and then they take on the Diamondbacks - a team with no solid middle relief pitching. Add to that the missed start by the D’Back’s ace during the Dodger series and a lead builds quickly. However, come September, there are too many bullets for the Dodgers to dodge. Is it the Big Unit with the Giants, the second team to defect from east to west? Far more likely. Also part of the Saturn-Uranus pattern and Jupiter in Aquarius maybe a yet unknown fan worthy odd duck emerges to capture our attention. Think Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Mark “the bird” Fidrych, or Dizzy Dean. Update April 14: MSNBC ran an article yesterday that there is a distinct lack of “characters” in baseball these days.

Not all Virgo energy falters this season. Virgo Randy Johnson, the Big Unit, now with San Francisco, persistently honors Saturn with his hard work, usually focused intensity and disciplined pitching style. Needing but a handful of wins to reach the coveted 300 win mark held by 23 pitchers, he approaches the cusp of a far more stellar milestone. With slightly more than 200 strikeouts he can become only the second player to notch 5,000 strikeouts. According to current stats, no other player is within a decade of possibly reaching the 5K K plateau. As the season progresses, we’ll keep an eye on that milestone and Randy’s progress toward it. Update April 14: The Big Unit pitched his second game of the season without recording a win, however, this strike out total is now 4,801, less than 200 K's from the nearly unattainable 5,000 strikeout mark.

Notable is Venus, retrograde in Aries, in the house of relationships and open enemies, square Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. With this pattern we could expect off field activities to impact the game in a huge way. Expected outcomes could be torrid relationships, gambling issues and even matters of life and death - as so tragically witnessed this week with the death of up and coming Angel’s pitcher, Nick Adenhart, killed in a hit and run automobile accident hours after pitching a gem of a game. Update April 14: After nothing this pattern last week, the Philadelphia Phillies lost their long time broadcaster, Harry Kalas, and Mark Fidrych died in what appears to be an accident on his farm in Massachusetts.

Within this pattern expect more about A-Rod as he heals from his surgery and faces direct scrutiny once again for his affairs, involvement with a madam and predictably the steroid issue again. With a late Leo Moon opposed the planet of drugs and illicit activity (Neptune) aligned with the body of injury, health, well-being and healing, Chiron, we might wonder why is it that Leos top the steroid attention charts? A-Rod, Clemens and Bonds... all Leos. A-Rod awaits his fate at the hands of baseball’s authorities. With Neptune involved, likely he’ll just slip through it all as a baseball endowed with KY Jelly glides off a pitcher’s fingers. Clemens waits to see if he’ll be indicted for contempt of Congress and if he is indicted, then what? Bonds received a stay of trial for a year, shifting attention away from his case during some hyperbolizing transit patterns. All three great baseball players have said they didn’t know what they injected into their bodies to make them super human players... or something close to that, and in so doing, perfectly personified the unbelievable non-knowingness oft associated with Neptune. Other possibilities include: a player announcing serious health effects from steroids, baseball finally gathering some balls to deal with this problem, a player involved in a visible relationship with a star probably involving a paternity issue (Chiron was denied by his father and disowned by his mother) and an unusual list of injuries and disabled list issues.

Mars, the planet that rules sharp objects and impact or collision with foreign objects, opposes Saturn, who personifies rules, bones and structure. Let us hope that baseball swiftly addresses the maple bat controversy early in the season. If it does not, after an early season close call or three, Mars and Saturn make strenuous patterns in the first half of August. Enough said, Commissioner. Get on it, right off the bat.

As the season closes, Mars in Cancer stimulates the feeling of a new team to take on the brand as America’s team. Can it be President Obama’s team, the White Sox? Quite likely. Or will it be the Yankees or Mets with their spanking new stadium and corresponding ticket prices that spank the wallet? Not likely. Could it be the Diamondbacks who in 2001 stole sympathies from the Yankees, who deserved a World Series win, according to Yankee fans? As much as I’d like to say yes, I’ve seen not only their relief pitching during Spring Training but their transits. How about the Red Sox? Stay tuned. In the near future, I’ll be looking at the cosmic curse busters and how they might fare again.

Cosmic curse busters? So there’s a cosmic side to baseball? Ask the many astrologers who fancy the game. And take a look at the website of These guys have the connection between spirituality, intention and baseball hard wired! If you want to convince your skeptical friends that things metaphysical work, explore this site for some great research to stick in your back pocket adjacent to your batting gloves. As I’ve always proposed, you know baseball is cosmic when you root for the “om” team.

Baseball Data: First pitch at the new Yankees Stadium, 1:07 PM EDT, April 16, 2009, Bronx, NY.

Baseball and consciousness? You bet. Check out The Joy of Sox Movie

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